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A February wedding. Blue walls, yellow shoes and white dress. The day bright and the clouds moving. Jocelyn and Henry say I DO at his parent’s old historic home in northwest. A sunshine-lit room filled with family and friends and piano music. Paper stars in the windows and yellow flowers everywhere. A sunset, an almost-spring night, and a party at Yakuza. Tables filled with candles and sushi; the walls covered in tigers. Guests taking polaroids and showering the newlyweds with love. Together, these two are magic.

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Bago Vineyard Wedding


Last Saturday was the wedding of the lovely Queensland couple Karen and Jeremy.

They were married at Bago Vineyards in Wauchope in a beautiful afternoon ceremony. As Karen walked down the aisle her guests handed her roses, each having a special meaning from a special person which she then used as her wedding bouquet.

The laid back couple had no bridal party, only their gorgeous son Digby as their pageboy who’s naming ceremony was included in the wedding ceremony. Close friends Amelia and Chris witnessed the wedding and Digby’s godparents witnessed his naming ceremony

Guests were treated to cheese and crackers up on the deck while Karen and Jeremy had their photo-shoot.

The reception was also held at Bago Vineyards with their friends and family there to happily celebrate the end of their special day with them.

What a beautiful relaxed wedding day, thank you so much for letting me be a part…

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Letting it all Go | Florence SC Wedding Photography

morgan+wes | Florence SC Wedding Photography and Cinematography

I got in your car and said “I can’t do this”.  Taking a weekend off from everything just seemed impossible.  While you we’re gassing up the car and loading up our bags I was whispering mental checklists to myself and holding on to every single to-do that hadn’t gotten ta-done.  We drove along the highway, and while you took in the beautiful sights of empty fields and sunsets,  I sat in the passenger seat fixated on the number of miles between us and a useable restroom.  We laughed and sang songs and remembered the moments of our lives that those songs took us back to and somewhere between our home and that beautiful hotel in Charlotte I let it all go.

Thank you for that.  For coaxing me gently into “fake-cation” and helping me take some time for us.  For giving me one weekend before all of the madness starts…

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The Coupon Bride

It can be difficult to decide what to wear for an engagement photo session, but there’s no need to go running out to buy new clothes for the occasion. Here are a few tips to make prepping easier:

1) Think bright colors! Just like when you attend a TV show taping, they tell you to wear bright colors if you’d like to get on camera and not blend in with the rest of the crowd…the same goes for an engagement photo shoot. Also remember to select colors that won’t blend into the background that you’ve chosen. For example, if you’re doing a photo shoot in Central Park with fall foliage in the background (like I did), don’t wear brown, yellow, or green if you want to stand out. As a general rule, bright purple or blue are always flattering choices and will pop on camera. Just make sure that the…

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