Concetta and Brian | October 20, 2012

Bryan Avigne Photography

This was the first time I’ve ever seen a groom in handcuffs.  Turns out that one of the groomsmen is a police officer and arranged for a couple buddies to cite Brian for drinking in public.  All in good fun.   So that was the tone of the day – fun from beginning to end.


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Candace + Thomas | Airlie Gardens | Cape Fear Country Club Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

morgan+wes | Florence SC Wedding Photography and Cinematography

Through the hustle and bustle of the day she stood strong.  The calm in a storm of emotions, laughter and ticking clocks.  She took moments to feel what that day meant.  The importance of each passing second weighed on her.  She felt the air catch her mothers cathedral length veil and new at the moment that the only thing that mattered about that day was that he would be hers and she would be his.

He stood by a window as he got himself together.  Pants, socks, shoes… it was all there.  He hadn’t neglected anything important.  She kept him on track.  With her lists and spreadsheets, where to be and when.  Even though he had not seen her that day she was still taking care of him.  The calm in the storm that was life.  He knew that with each passing second he was one moment closer to becoming…

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