The Proposal

Christopher Cook Photography

Damon contacted me with an incredible idea I’d never considered. He wanted me to photograph his proposal. My mind started racing with the possibilities. First of all, YES! This is an awesome idea. Second, how? I immediately started racing through all the stories of investigative photojournalists I read about in college and the techniques they used: Hidden camera, tiny spy camera, long lens, etc etc. But it was Damon who came up with the elegant and simple idea.


I’d never met Damon in person, and he lives in California. It was essential that we communicate thoroughly so as not to miss the opportunity. The key here, or course, was to not blow the surprise for Damon’s lady, Anne. I scouted the location at Magic Island in Ala Moana Beach Park, and decided on a patch of grass with the Waikiki skyline and the marina with its hundreds of sailboats in…

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