Boomin’ Boutonnieres

Yours Faithfully, the Misses

Boutonniere is such an odd (and fancy) word. It’s almost more fun to say it while drinking wine or having high tea and pulling a sour-crout-stiff-lipped-old-lady face. And in an English or French accent of course, to go with the high tea and sometimes stiff-lipped attitude. You know, to make it seem even more fancy. (For the *Friends* fans among us, think the sour old English lady that Phoeboe had to deal with when she was stranded at home alone, pregnant with her brother’s triplets, the rest of the crew being in London for Ross and Emily’s wedding, and trying to get hold of Joey/Chandler to tell them about Rachel coming to ruin the wedding!) Anyway, that is if you even know how to pronounce it. Which I don’t. I’ve actually never even heard of the posh little word until I started exploring other ladies’ wedding blogs. So for those who don’t know (like my house mates right now)…

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