Plan your wedding in 10 steps!


I’m sure everyone’s dreamed of the perfect wedding. Ok, maybe more of girls than boys haha but now it’s time for your perfect wedding celebration- in 10 simple steps.

1. Select your special date
This date will be your wedding anniversary for the rest of your life. So be sure to pick a date that you love. Go for pretty numbers like 12/12/2012 if that’s your thing, but do beware that certain seasons of the year tend to be “peak” periods for weddings, so vendors might be totally busy and services might be more expensive! I tend to prefer off peak periods and to steer away from festive seasons because it tends to be quieter and more peaceful, and higher chance that your guests aren’t away on holiday too! When selecting your date, it’s good to ensure that you have a solid 6 – 12 months of planning from the present date. If not, you’re heading…

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