Keeping Up With The Jones’ | Stephanie & Cedric’s Wedding {Gainesville Florida Wedding Photographer}

C Hill Photography

One fine day in February, I met a super fun couple in Starbucks for a wedding consult, and left feeling like I had spent the hour talking with old friends! Cedric & Stephanie are one of those couples… You know, the one everyone wants to be around, and feels privileged to know. Their zest (yes zest) for life & each other is like a breath of fresh air, and you know your life is better for knowing them. I was excited at the possibility of being Stephanie & Cedric’s photographer from our very first phone call!

So it came to pass that I was privileged enough to spend the last 6 months getting to know this fantastic couple. They were married on a gorgeous Sunday morning in August. The Groom looked dapper in his Army Dress Blues & the Bride stunning in her lace Jasmine gown. The ceremony took place at…

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