Gail & Grayson Wedding – Overlook Lodge – 8/11/12

Through The Owl's Eye...

Well…I haven’t blogged 3/4 of our weddings this year, it’s been a busy year to say the least…On August 11th 2012 we photographed Gail & Grayson, a really fun couple over at Overlook Lodge, Bear Mountain. They were fun, easy going and their bridal party were a blast to be around and we took some really cool photos. Gail & Grayson saw each other before their ceremony to knock out their photos since they did not want to miss their cocktail hour, so we setup a special moment for them on the Bear Mountain property where Grayson was waiting and we brought Gail to him. Soon after we roamed the beautiful grounds and took photos, family & bridal party met us down by the lake for photos and than we all had some downtime before the ceremony, the ceremony was conducted by one of their friends and it was…

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