Personalized Cups for $2!

Two Million Miles

If you missed yesterday’s post, you should go check it out because then you will understand why I made these cups!

They were SO simple!

Here’s what you’ll need:

{I chose these cups because their wedding theme was zebra and lime green.}

Set your oven to 150 and let it heat up while you draw.

Then you just draw/write whatever your pretty little {or big?} heart desires. As you can see, I wrote “His” and “Hers.” It was really hard to write it right there because I couldn’t get my hand inside of the cup. So it’s kinda shaky and doesn’t look so good, but it gives it character.. Right?

I also added their names to the bottom of the cup to spruce up the outside a little.

When you are all done drawing/doodling/writing on your cup, stick it in your oven and let it “bake” for…

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