So…. I got married.

Piloting Paper Airplanes

I’ve been absent from this blog for over two weeks now, but I swear, it feels like two years!

We are now back as husband and wife, settling into our apartment, getting back into a routine…. and life feels good. A little slower. A little more refreshed. I am now officially (pending the legal stuff, of course) Larissa A. Dalton Stephanoff. And that feels even better. 🙂

I’ll get back to my regular blogging this week, but this post is for pictures only. These are just a few that I’ve collected from friends and Facebook. I have a wonderful aunt and cousin who took the official pictures, but I don’t have those yet. (Though the first two here are my cousin’s sneak peeks– she does such great work!)

So all that to say, you will be treated to more picture post(s) when I get the rest. In the meantime, enjoy…

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