Project #7: Wedding Program Fans


I’m back! I haven’t posted a project basically all summer, and for that, I admit I suck.  I’d like to give you all sorts of excuses, but they pretty much don’t exist.  I just never got around to it.  With that said, Graham Crafter’s Project #7 is a super easy wedding program.  The program is intended to be a fan, but if you were at my sister’s wedding, you know they got used more as umbrellas and wind blockers.  But they looked damn good getting wet!


Sorry, no step-by-step photos this time – I didn’t take any as we were making these.  Credit to Timeless Elegance Photography for the beautiful photo above.  Credit to my iPhone for the not-so-beautiful ones below.

Supplies: You’ll need cardstock, wide popsicle sticks (available at any craft store – nobody wants their wedding program to have sticky orange syrup dripping off it), rubber cement, and…

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