Kendra + Mark’s Wedding Reception

Michelle + Alyssa

Kendra used to be Alyssa and my cheerleading coach in high school so needless to say, I was ecstatic to have Kendra choose us to shoot her wedding reception! Kendra and Mark tied the knot a few months ago in the Bahamas. Talk about a great destination for a wedding! : ) When they came back, they had the most amazingly gorgeous, not to mention fun, wedding reception in Houston at the Old Heights Fire Station.

I seriously want to live in this place! It’s gorgeous, full of windows and beautiful white walls…

Everything was stunning and the ceiling, are you kidding me!? I was in love.Every little detail of this reception was just perfect! Warning: lots of detail photos coming up…

The wonderful floral arrangements were courtesy of Kimberly Mueller of Arteflora Design.
The most amazing BBQ and crawfish was provided by Ruff & Rowdy Cookers.

The adorable…

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