Emily and Tyler: Richmond VA Engagement Photography

LifeLight Image Photography

“Beebeebeep… beebeebeep…” 5:30 am was here again along with the “most annoying possible” alarm tone on my cell phone.  I knew that in a half hour Emily would be waiting for me at our designated corner of the intramural field and we’d begin our groggy run to the gym to work out together.  I was the lucky one in our workout-buddy system; my buddy was there five minutes early with full resolve to give this workout her all.  She got the buddy who would gladly have talked her into skipping this madness and hitting Coldstone instead (if only it were open at 6am).

From the first time we met in a video art class our sophomore year at University of Richmond, I could tell that Emily had a real gentleness to her.  Not that she didn’t also have a strong and fierce side (playing Division 1 soccer throughout most of…

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