A Surprise Proposal

Bubbly Creations

I love looking through wedding blogs and i came across this post on www.theknottybride.com and thought it was lovely. Fantastic seeing the look on her face when she realises.

A SURPRISE PROPOSAL STORY | A vintage lace dress, glittery gold shoes, and one of the smartest, budget-friendly proposal ideas I’ve ever seen.

The lovely and talented Michelle March of Michelle March Photography submitted this gem of an event, and I’m pretty sure it’s the perfect way to kick off the reinstatement of this series, OMG STYLE.  Aaaaaaaaaas well as a great way to, once again, send an unwelcomed pulse out across the world wide web saying, Beat This, Proposers Everywhere.  That’s an unfortunate side effect of these stellar, well-thought-out and deeply meaningful proposal stories, as they seem to set a new standard.  But whatever.  I’m still featuring it.  Because it’s not just the beautiful proposal that impresses me you guys. …

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