Dress length: long or short?

Its all about the wedding

A view from a traditional girl

I’m a traditional girl with traditional values, I’ve dreamed of the big white wedding dress from day zero. I’ve had the image of walking down the aisle (being so careful not to trip up) in my gorgeous big dress. It’s always been a church aisle I’m walking down and the dress has always been white.

I’m not sure if the colour is inbuilt in my brain, stamped on from birth, or if it’s just because it’s the norm.

I’ve always dressed ‘normal’, never edgy at all. That’s not to say I’m ‘normal’, I’m far from it. I’m quirky in my own special ways. I didn’t even consider another colour of wedding dress. Maybe it’s because every wedding I’ve been to, the bride has a white wedding dress? Well no, that’s not true, Queen P will show you that…

Do you have the same white…

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