Wedding Wednesday, the (dreaded) Guest List

A Tasty Life

The word “guest list” sends  a lot of brides-to-be screaming and running in the opposite way.  And there were times while putting together the list that I wanted to run away and just elope.  (Just being honest.)  We have a large guest list: 300.  (At least I’m hoping it’s not over 300.)

I found this Flow Chart on Pinterest and it gave me a good laugh.  I think the key is to remember it’s OUR wedding.


I especially like the question “Will they make your wedding more fun?”

A few things I’ve done to keep the list under 300:

I made an executive decision not to invite any of my co-workers – I just didn’t want to feel bad about inviting some and not all.  Big Guy is inviting co-workers but the company he works for and my work place are totally opposite.  In fact, some of his “co-workers”…

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