Wedding Photojournalism: Mallory + Dan in Love in San Antonio, Texas and Celebrate at The Dominion

Danielle Vennard Photographer

Bride and Groom exchange a loving glance at one another during the ceremony

Young Couple 2 years before they married

I had the pleasure of capturing Mallory and Dan living it up and in love two years prior to their marriage while photographing her sisters wedding.  (If by chance you missed the blog post about Kelly and Ken’s wedding click HERE)  It’s really cool to look back at those photos and know that they were on the path to becoming man and wife.  I will also always love this one of Mallory dancing with my son, Graeme, who was only 8 months old!

Image from a reception two years ago with my son and Mallory and other kids at the wedding

Fast forward to July 28, 2012 and my family and I are back in San Antonio once again.  Their family welcomed us into their home to relax at the rehearsal dinner and were also gracious enough to invite my husband and son to the wedding.  It meant a lot to be able to have my family with me as they are a big part of why…

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