Here’s to a wonderful wedding photographer

Yours Faithfully, the Misses

Doing 22 km. 22 k. TWENTY TWO kilometers. Obviously fine when doing it in a car, definitely do-able on a mountain bike. Hell, I’ll even attempt it on one of those little kiddy 2-wheel scooter things or a skateboard (OK, maybe not on a skateboard). Jogging it, on the other hand? Well, you have to be either insanely fit, or generally insane. Or just a natural, like my crazy fiancé who did a 22km trail run last week with absolutely ZERO training. And he did it in an amazing 2 hours and 40 minutes. What IS that?

So obviously he is very chuffed and loved the whole experience and is all amped to do it again. I used to be pretty fit and jogging used to come naturally to me as well so I thought “Why not?” I’ll just train for a few weeks and then be able to join…

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