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Jerry & Christine’s wedding was at the Enchanted Memories Chapel in Duncanville.  I was captivated from beginning to end.  I laughed, I cried, I laughed a lot!

Beautiful couple. Magical day. Period.

Enchanted Memories-1

Enchanted Memories-2

Enchanted Memories-3

Enchanted Memories-4

Enchanted Memories-5

Enchanted Memories-6

Enchanted Memories-7

Enchanted Memories-8

Enchanted Memories-9

Enchanted Memories-10

Enchanted Memories-11

Enchanted Memories-12

Enchanted Memories-13

Enchanted Memories-14

Enchanted Memories-15

Enchanted Memories-16

Enchanted Memories-17

Enchanted Memories-20

Enchanted Memories-21

Enchanted Memories-22

Enchanted Memories-23

Enchanted Memories-24

Enchanted Memories-25

Enchanted Memories-26

Enchanted Memories-27

Enchanted Memories-28

Enchanted Memories-29

Enchanted Memories-30

Enchanted Memories-30

Enchanted Memories-31

Enchanted Memories-32

Enchanted Memories-33

Enchanted Memories-34

Enchanted Memories-35

Enchanted Memories-36

Enchanted Memories-37

Enchanted Memories-38

Enchanted Memories-39

Enchanted Memories-40

Enchanted Memories-40

Enchanted Memories-41

Enchanted Memories-42

Enchanted Memories-43

Enchanted Memories-44

Enchanted Memories-50

Enchanted Memories-51

Enchanted Memories-52

Enchanted Memories-53

Enchanted Memories-54

Enchanted Memories-55

Enchanted Memories-56

Enchanted Memories-57

Enchanted Memories-58

Enchanted Memories-59

Enchanted Memories-60

Enchanted Memories-61

Enchanted Memories-62

Enchanted Memories-63

Enchanted Memories-64

Enchanted Memories-65

Enchanted Memories-66

Enchanted Memories-70

Enchanted Memories-71

Enchanted Memories-72

Enchanted Memories-73

Mi Photobooth

Mi Photobooth-1

Mi Photobooth-2

Enchanted Memories-80

Enchanted Memories-81

Enchanted Memories-81

Enchanted Memories-82

Enchanted Memories-83

Enchanted Memories-84

Enchanted Memories-90

Enchanted Memories-91

Enchanted Memories-93

Enchanted Memories-94

Enchanted Memories-95

Enchanted Memories-91

Enchanted Memories-93

Enchanted Memories-94

Enchanted Memories-95

First dance with Jerry & Christine.  These are  the unexpected moments that I love about weddings.  I was not even aware that the couple was going to break into a fast speed song with Justin Bieber.  Don’t ask me what the name of it was, I just remember the squeaky voice and me about to pee in my pants.

Enchanted Memories-96

Enchanted Memories-97

Enchanted Memories-98

Enchanted Memories-99

Enchanted Memories-100

Enchanted Memories-101

Enchanted Memories-102

Enchanted Memories-103

Enchanted Memories-104

Enchanted Memories-105

Enchanted Memories-106

Enchanted Memories-107

Mi Photobooth was part of the celebration.

Mi Photobooth-2

Mi Photobooth-3

Mi Photobooth-4

Of course, I had to participate. 🙂

Mi Photobooth-5

Mi Photobooth-6

Exciting, I get to shoot this guy’s wedding in a week. Mi Photobooth-8

Mi Photobooth-9

Mi Photobooth-10

Mi Photobooth-11

A truly unforgettable evening.

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