April and Eiman had the casual ease of life-long friends, and they treated everyone with that same disarming warmth.  We had such a good time shooting the stunning April (there’s a tomboy hidden under that feathered dress!) and the charming and romantic rascal, Eiman.  Both inclined to play the gracious host, we were touched it seemed they genuinely wanted us to be a part of their celebration.  It could be daunting to cover 400 merry guests, but this welcome extended throughout the wedding as we were constantly given way to get closer and better shots, invited to eat, drink and dance (only one of which we participated in, liberally).  Each and every guest was not only glamorous, matching the lavishness of the reception, but incredibly elegant and polite, matching the classiness of their hosts.  Catered by Eiman’s legendary father, the food was unparalleled, made with the same loving care and…

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