5 Pretty Wedding Cakes

Suite 707

Since I’m trying to stay extra healthy, I’ve decided to look at pretty wedding cakes instead of eat them. It’s not as satisfying, but it’ll have to do.

The Knot released their top 50 wedding cakes, some of which were clear winners and some were nothing to rave about.

Here are my favorites from the bunch.

1) Bold Retro Pattern

This design would go well with a semi-casual themed wedding. The 3D bow is a fun alternative to a typical floral focal piece. The different shapes are also quirky, and fresh.

Bold Retro Pattern Wedding Cakes

2) Staggered Tiers

I’m not so fond of asymmetrical wedding cakes, but this gently staggered arrangement gives the cake a graceful movement. I’m a big fan, as long as the tiers are not blatantly angled.

Purple Staggered Square Wedding Cakes

3) Ombre Coloration

I like the gradual transition that ombre brings to a wedding cake. This would be lovely for a monochromatic wedding scheme. With this…

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